Kieran is an international award winning documentary photographer and photojournalist. Over the years the thrill of adventure and a passion for photography has led him across Canada and around the world. Having lived in remote communities as well as large metropolitan cities Kieran has begun to develop his own unique view of humanity in its many settings.

Kieran’s experience in both old and new media as well as his independent travels have given him a sense of purpose in life. Inspired by photojournalists of the last century and their tireless work to document culture and history for posterity, Kieran is determined to not only live as compelling a life as he can but to spend it recording human interactions and connections.

Comfortable switching back and forth between being an active participant and a fly on the wall, Kieran is able to capture dynamic images from events transpiring around him. From candid interactions to big smiles Kieran’s work endeavors to erase any sense of a lens being between the audience and the subject of the shots.

Kieran's work has been featured in a variety of publications such as Vice, CBC, West Coast Native News, Whitehorse Star, Up Here, Ricochet Media, APTN, Radical Desi, Williams Lake Tribune, Yukon News, Shuswap Firestarter and Canadian Geographic, to name a few.